Our Methodology

The first phase involves the claim/loss assessment. The loss is determined and the estimate to restore to pre-loss condition is prepared. Throughout this phase we work directly with you and your insurer on all aspects of the project including: initial approval of scope and cost, possible updates and supplements, and payment schedule. Your insurer is comfortable because we use the same estimating software and pricing that they use making estimates consistent and precise.

The second phase is project planning. Once your estimate has been reviewed and approved (the insurance agency and property owner), the project enters the planning phase during which scheduling concerns are addressed, permits obtained (as required), tasks assigned, materials selected and a timeline formalized. To make things easier, we also offer shop at home/office convenience for choosing flooring, cabinetry and paint colors.

The third and final phase is project execution. Here the project is launched and materials are procured. The estimate is assessed for accuracy and supplements and updates are communicated as necessary. Resource coordination, quality assessments and remedies, if needed, are coordinated and managed daily. The project ends when the work is complete and you, the property owner, are satisfied that the renovation promised is the renovation delivered.

Five Key Considerations

1. We will manage your restoration at no additional cost to you.

2. As an independent estimator with deep industry ties, we interface with your insurance company on your behalf. This ensures a complete understanding and assessment of your loss, and that all parties are 100% aligned and in agreement before any work is initiated.

3. The estimate is the estimate and the cost is the cost! Beyond supplements (covered by your insurance), the only time price will change is if you, the property owner, increase the scope and/or upgrade materials beyond that approved by your insurance company.

4. From paperwork and project plans to resource scheduling and communication, we manage all the work – headaches and all. We ensure the project is managed according to our agreement and that you get back to your pre-loss condition ASAP!

5. All work-product is covered by a full 2-year warrantee.