Water / Flood Damage

Water damage and floods are often extremely unexpected. Mother nature can take a cruel turn during a rainstorm and leave your home under feet of water. Many homeowners who are not near rivers, lakes, or oceans are not properly equipped with flood insurance and do not know how to handle water damage to their property.


If you’ve suddenly found yourself deep under water, we can help. Whether you’ve survived a full flood, or even an appliance flood such as a washer or dishwasher overflowing and soaking your floors or ceilings, we can help you repair your home to the way it was… or better. Many of our clients choose to make the best of a bad situation and decide they may remodel their home. Whether it’s a small remodel or a big one, our insurance claims specialists will be certain to give you the very best. We even guarantee all our repairs for two years after completion.


Getting an expert out to assess the damage to your property as soon as possible is important. We work closely with mold and water mitigation companies that can help you oversee the drying process and figure out what will need to be replaced to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your home in the future. After you’ve taken proper steps to help keep water from seeping deeper, such as blotting and vacuuming, we’ll come in and make sure your home is safe to live in.


Water logging can occur in wood and it’s important to know that your property simply won’t just “dry out”. Water can also find its way into the walls, soaking into drywall, floorboards, and studs. Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix, and water in your walls or ceilings can put you at risk for an electrical hazard. Have you suffered from a floor or water damage? Contact us today to get started.